Creative Team TNMU

The Creative Team is an association of like-minded associates, each contributing to the cultural enrichment of the university. The centre was established to give a chance to implementation of students’ ideas in leisure development. With each new step, a number of people willing to join the team increases that is an objective evaluation of its affairs.

Medicine is a vocation; it is not just a career. A good doctor is not only a professional but also a spiritually uplifting, erudite and creative person; they comply with duties approaching the patient’s problems creatively, as a true artist.

There are many talented, interesting and creative individuals among medical students. The initiative of Creative team of TNMU was united for facilitating of self-realization of each raising physician, their engagement in communication with proactive youth and having a really interesting time during the best years of their lives.

Our Creative Team:

  • The Head of the Creative Team – Serhiy Kalmazan
  • The First Deputy Head, Supervisor for Poetry – Anna Ukrainets
  • The Second Deputy, Supervisor for Presenters – Valentyna Pitukhova
  • Supervisor for Vocal and Musical Instruments – Rushchynska Svitlana
  • Supervisor for Screenwriting -
  • Supervisor for Journalism -
  • Supervisor for Artistry – Denys Liashchuk
  • Supervisor for Choreography – Sofia Kopytchak
  • TNMU StudMis Coordinator, Supervisor for Humour – Artem Prysiazhniuk
  • Supervisor for Design and IT – Roman Tarasiuk
  • Supervisor for PR – Denys Onofriichuk
  • TNMU Cinema Evens Coordinator – Olha Vereshchuk
  • Supervisor for Choir - Taras Bidovanets


The associates of this unit take part in the majority of university events as well as in city and national projects. Their charming singing embellish any ceremony or meeting.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are charming and original at theme nights. The associates of this unit, together with the vocal unit, join every single university event and every time they create a cosy atmosphere.


It does not work out well without an MC or a presenter. These people boost and brighten every event: they hold exciting competitions, steer the project on the right course and never let the audience get bored.

Artistry and poetry

These units always take part in celebration of the most significant national holidays, as well as cosy evenings with music and wine. The people involved are truly capable of captivating by word and turning every event into a fairy tale.


The people involved are fascinating even at first sight in a special way. They are able to express all thoughts, emotions and feelings without unnecessary words, only through the right movements. They are true wizards in our team!

Journalism and Screenwriting

Numerous scripts, announcements and reports are written concerning every event at the university by the unit staff. In addition, the TNMU Identity initiative is one of their foremost projects, i.e. publishing interviews with the most interesting students and teachers of our university on social media.

Moreover, the majority of contributors of this department are journalists of a far-reaching university publishing project – UNITIME, the student slick magazine, which is one of the most promising student initiatives of TNMU.

Drama Group “Art Drama”

Long hours of rehearsals and drama practices never get away. The participants fantastically and inspiringly personate other characters; however, they never lose their own personality. The performances amaze everyone with the true talents of the university students.

TNMU Choir

It is a high-quality vivid initiative. Both the teachers and the students join the choir of our university. Each event involving the choir is always fascinating, particularly inspiring, festive and solemn.

Club of Humour (Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted)

For many years, this initiative has presented unforgettable experience to the whole university. They also held Ha-ha shows and theme competitions of comical groups. This year there is a complete alteration of all teams. So all the cheerful and smart, you have a unique chance to become a new TNMU super star!

TNMU StudMis

It is the most exquisite event of attraction and style. No other Ternopil university presents such level of student beauty contest. Every year, university beauties compete in the title of StudMis of TNMU in a difficult but very exciting fight. This show is really amazing!

Young musicians, singers, poets, comedians, dancers, actors, screenwriters, artists, photographers, camera operators, bloggers, journalists, and IT fans are able to join the Creative Team and implement their own projects. We inspire, support and help anyone who wishes to transform their creative passion into a touch of extraordinary!

We make your student free time remarkable!