Welcome to our Centre!

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation in patriotic education of our youth!

“If one more moves in Sciences but lags behind in morals, that he is more moving backward than forward”


The Centre for Educational Work and Cultural Development of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University was established in 2015. The director of the center is Rudenko Martha Ihorivna.

The Centre for Educational Work and Cultural Development is aimed at providing of cultural, intellectual and spiritual development of the university youth, to encourage respect and love for the native land, Ukrainian traditions, national shrines, concerned citizenship of a patriot of Ukraine.

The main tasks and principles of the educational work of the center: patriotic, intellectual and spiritual, legal, moral, ecological, aesthetic and professional education, promotion of healthy lifestyle, as well as social protection of students.

Ever since the establishment of the Centre, Assistant Professor H.H. Habor headed arts and culture affairs of national students (2015–2016), Assistant Professor S.B. Kramar – since September 2016. Associate Professor O.V. Pokryshko has been in charge of arts and culture affairs of international students since 2015.

The Centre contains a students and teachers choir, the Art - Drama theatre studio, the Creative Team of TNMU, the ChDu band, the dance ensemble “Chervona Kalyna (Red viburnum)”, the trio “Liubov (Love)” and others.

The Centre also comprises the Institute of Student Academic Groups’ Curators, headed by S.B. Kramar.

The TNMU Volunteer Movement of TNMU is successfully headed by Associate Professor I.Z. Kernychna. The volunteers mainly assist and support the ATO soldiers, socially vulnerable groups, children with disabilities, orphans, as well as hold courses of pre-medical care as well as preventive services and information events.

The University Centre for Educational Work and Cultural Development takes great efforts for discovery and development of the gifted youth as well as personal advancement of each student.

The Centre coordinates the affairs of the University structural units for youth policy and education together with the deans of faculties, the director of the University Campus, the heads of Academic and Research Institutes as well as Academic Departments, the curators of Student Academic Teams, representatives of student self-government and non-governmental organizations.